Live in 24 Hours Care means full care and attention throughout the day and night and incorporates all aspects of personal care, medication, preparing meals and drinks, washing, bathing, showering, shaving, hairdressing, dressing and undressing, toileting and continence care.

So if you live independently or have a family member that cannot live by themselves, then we have live-in carers that offer constant support and excellent care 24 hours a day. They will administer medication ensuring you take it at the correct times and the correct amount every day.

The live-in service enables our clients to remain in their own home. For some, being in a familiar environment where you can relax in the comfort of your own surroundings give one peace of mind. Our staffs are passionate in their job, they have sense of humour and are creative in meeting individual needs of our clients. Our 24 hours care is affordable and offers value for money.

All of the carers that we recruit are highly qualified and well trained to handle any situation. They will make a huge difference to your life especially if you have no other family members to visit you.

  • Our carers can offer friendship and companionship
  • They can be with you when you go on outings or to doctor appointments
  • You carer will be there to prepare meals
  • They will remind you to take your medication and how much to take
  • If you need help washing and dressing then they can offer you support
  • They will help with shopping, laundry and household chores

If you would like a live-in carer then please contact us here for more information.