Commonly asked questions about our nursing and care recruitment services.

Do you recruit registered nurses?2019-02-14T21:51:12+00:00

Yes we do. We supply registered nurses to the NHS and to other professional bodies and organisations either on a permanent or temporary basis.

Will I be able to progress in my profession?2019-02-14T21:50:51+00:00

Miracle Hands Recruitment will always encourage our staff to enrol into other courses. We would like you to enhance and improve your chances of working you way up in your specialised area. Whether you are a nurse or care assistant.

Does your recruitment agency provide training in health and care?2019-02-14T21:51:40+00:00

We can offer you the necessary training you need to work in health and care. You can also receive free mandatory training, including free NVQ training for Care Assistants.

What are the advantages to working with Miracle Hands Recruitment?2019-02-14T21:51:47+00:00

There are many advantages. You get to work with one of the best recruitment agencies in Surrey. You will get offered a variety of work placements, you will receive competitive rates of pay and can enjoy flexible working hours.

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